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Paramount Pictures -
Feature film production and distribution, video and DVD worldwide distribution, and production of programs for television broadcast and syndication. -
The online home of Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures.
Fox Searchlight -
Writer and director biographies, films in production, currently playing in theaters, multimedia, and reviews.
Universal Pictures -
Official site
Focus Features -
Has the blockbusters of the year and the academy award winning films.
Fox Movies -
Provides details of upcoming films and links to films already produced. Official site.
Sony Pictures - Movies -
Official movie site. Provides information on upcoming and current releases, and corporate information.
Miramax Films -
Official Site
New Line Cinema -
Official site
Lions Gate Films -
Contains corporate information, upcoming and current releases, archives, newsletter and club.
DreamWorks SKG -
Company information, and details of current and past productions.
Spyglass Entertainment -
Provides details of upcoming releases, recent releases and past projects; contains company information and contact details.
MGM Studios -
Details of current and past releases, and corporate information.
View Askew Productions -
Official site with information, multimedia, discussion, and merchandise.
Blurgirl Productions -
Creators of film and video in a group effort with artists, poets, and musicians.
Smokin' Mirrors -
Official Site - short films, music videos, dope graffix, graffiti art, murals, culture, politics, and tezcatlipoca.
Imagine Entertainment -
Lists upcoming releases and provides biography of founders.
Warner Bros. Studio Facilities -
Provides information and contact details for the production studios of Warner Bros. Includes details of the VIP Studio Tour, designed for visitors to see a Hollywood studio at work.
Revelations Entertainment -
Independent production company of Morgan Freeman. Films include 'Under Suspicion', 'Circle William' and the upcoming 'Rendezvous with Rama'.
Tranquil Storm Productions -
The defining new company of entertainment.
Walt Disney Pictures -
Official site.
Mackinac Island Film Company -
Production studios and film company on Mackinac Island
Alliance Atlantis Films -
Details of upcoming and past projects.
Prelude2Cinema -
Digital Movie Company producing unique, bold, indie flicks. Site contains Flash photo galleries, contests, games and a free newsletter.
Jersey Films -
Provides filmography of past releases.
RKO Pictures -
Founded in 1929, it is one of the oldest continuously operating studios. Produced many classics including: Citizen Kane and It's a Wonderful Life.
Minds Eye Pictures -
An aggressive, well-managed company dedicated to growth through the creation of superior motion picture, television and commercial productions.
Becker Entertainment -
Australian production and distribution company. Details of past and current film, television and video projects.
Timberwolf Entertainment -
Features low budget, independent movies and short subjects shot on digital video.
Providence Entertainment -
Independent domestic theatrical distribution for family-themed films.
Tribeca Productions -
Founded by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal in 1988. Based in New York.
Oberon Entertainment -
An expedition in search of profits through imagination.
Warner Bros. -
Official site.
Castle Rock Entertainment -
Details of current and previous movies produced, and company information.

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